Buy a log cabin


Every garden actually needs a log cabin. Whether you use it as storage space for all garden furniture and blinds. Or as a semi-garage where all the bikes and scooters of the family are parked.

Or as an office where all the tools are stored and where everything can be repaired to your heart’s content. Or when the log cabin is used as extra space for the children in the form of a play log cabin. The possibilities of log cabins are endless!

You only need a little imagination and inspiration to furnish it. That is all you have to do because Woodpro does the rest for you!

Wide selection of log cabins

You can search for wooden log cabins in our range of wood thicknesses from 19 to 95 mm. For a real eye-catcher in your garden, go for a modern or cottage style log cabin. You can choose from various styles and sizes of log cabins. For example, you can opt for a log cabin with or without a porch, a flat or sloping roof and a round or square model. Woodpro has something for everyone in the field of log cabins.

Customization is also possible! We can supply you with a log cabin that fully meets your wishes and needs. For example, would you like a log cabin with certain dimensions that you cannot find on our website? Let us know and together we will look for a suitable solution for you and your country retreat.